Unemployed Job Search Tips Get Employers Listening

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Struggling to find work? You’re not alone. More people than ever are looking for unemployed job search tips. An article earlier this year in Forbes magazine reported that more than 9 million Americans have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer. Being unemployed over the long term is difficult, and many people end up in that situation through no real fault of their own. To compound the problem, some employers will simply refuse to hire anyone who hasn’t worked for more than a year making the unemployed job search more difficult than ever.

Top 10 Unemployed Job Search Tips

If this sounds bleak for your unemployed job search, don’t be disheartened. You can find your way back to work and employers will listen to you. Here are 10 great unemployed job search tips to help you improve your chances.

1. Don’t Reveal Your Age. You probably know that in the United States, it is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their age. That doesn’t mean, though, that it doesn’t happen. At the top of this list of unemployed job search tips, make sure that your online profiles don’t reveal your age either directly or indirectly. Make sure that your date of birth isn’t listed on social media sites like Facebook—because you can bet that potential employers will check out your social media presence. And of course, leave your graduation date and your date of birth off your resume. Once you’ve scored an interview, obviously your potential employer will have a good idea of your age bracket, but you’ll have the opportunity of impressing them with your enthusiasm and your qualifications.
2. Be Enthusiastic. Show a genuine interest in the company for which you want to work. Learn about the company, and when you get that interview, ask a lot of questions to demonstrate your knowledge and interest. Then let your interviewer know which specific skills and attributes you can bring to the company.
3. Improve Your Skills. If you’ve been out of the market for quite a while, one of the best unemployed job search tips that can improve your chances is to upgrade your skills. If you’ve been taking on extra learning, even if it’s in the form of free online courses, this can show a potential employer that you genuinely want to succeed.
4. Be Honest. If you’ve been out of the workforce for quite a while, employers are going to want to know why. Were you looking after aging parents? Raising a family? Traveling? Or just unfortunate when it came to finding work? Offer a reasonable explanation—employers appreciate honesty. Avoid catch-all phrases such as, “I needed some time off,” though. And try to think of something that you were doing with your off-time that translates into workplace skills. Perhaps you raised money for a specific cause, supervised other volunteers, or mentored a young person.
5. Get in Touch With a Former Employer. Assuming you left on good terms, a former employer may have work for you. Don’t assume that just because the door was closed once, it’s still closed. At the very least, they may know of another company that would be just the right fit for you.
6. Consider Temping. If you’re used to working full-time, this may seem unpalatable, but it’s a great way to make contacts for your unemployed job search. It could even lead to permanent work later on. If you’re on unemployment benefits, this will mean that you will likely have to sacrifice some of your benefits, and may not end up financially better off than if you’d done nothing. The advantage here, though, is that potential employers will be impressed that you wanted to work badly enough that you made the sacrifice.
7. Stay Current. Keep on reading publications that are relevant to your industry so that you can stay on top of current trends. When you do find work, it will make getting back into the routine easier; and if you can talk knowledgeably about what’s going on in your sector, you’ll do better in an interview.
8. Follow a Routine. Often, people who have been unemployed for a long time find themselves sliding into a rut. Don’t sit around in your pajamas all day. If you’re job searching on your computer, dress as if you were going to work. Eat regularly, and get some exercise. A routine can stave off the depression that often accompanies long-term unemployment.
9. Network. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but networking is absolutely essential. Get in touch with your old contacts—and make new ones. LinkedIn is a great resource for starting conversations.
10. Stay Positive. Potential employers can practically smell negativity before you even get in the door. Do your best to suppress any negative feelings you’re having. Start each day by saying, “Today, I am one day closer to getting a great new job.” Approach interviews with the attitude that you have something valuable to offer the company.

Unemployed Job Search Tips Get Your on the Right Track to Employment

Keep in mind, too, that Trading Economics recently reported that the unemployment rate in the United States this August dropped to 5.10%. That’s the lowest it’s been since April of 2008, so there is hope—even for the long-term unemployed, just start following these unemployed job search tips.

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