Resume Writing Help and Job Search Tips

daverrFor over 25 years, I have been reviewing and providing resume writing help for corporate human resource departments and clients. I help consulting firms create effective resumes for all of their personnel so they can market their specialized expertise to other companies. There is an art to writing great resumes and getting results. I have learned many resume writing tips and tricks for capturing the attention of a resume reviewer quickly. I have also identified many issues that hold people back from getting interviews. I have provided professional resume writing help for over 25 years and I want to share these resume writing tips to help you land a great job. You deserve it.

Resume Writing Help

Your resume is a marketing tool. It must sell you. The primary purpose of your resume is to get you the interview.

Too many resumes read like an autobiography or even a how-to manual. A resume should not be your life story or a list of responsibilities. It is a sales tool, and your experience and ability to produce results are what is being sold. Really. If you want to stand out, you need to show that you produce results. There are often hundreds of applicants per job posting, so your resume has be really great to make the short list of interview candidates. To do this, you need resume writing help.

I have written thousands of resumes over the years – resumes landing clients jobs at Fortune 500 companies, major consulting firms, government contracts, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. I am passionate about resumes and helping people find great jobs. Check out our blog posts for resume writing help, resume writing tips, and resume writing resources to shorten your job search.