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Optimize LinkedIn Profile for LinkedIn Jobs, LinkedIn Careers, LinkedIn Recruiters – Best LinkedIn Profiles

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A crucial part of any LinkedIn job search or really any job search plan is to optimize LinkedIn profile, since over 90% of companies will now check you out on LinkedIn before calling you. And over 97% of LinkedIn recruiters will source talent through LinkedIn looking for the best LinkedIn profiles. In order to be found, your LinkedIn Profile must be optimized for the right keywords for LinkedIn jobs, LinkedIn careers, and LinkedIn recruiters. Here’s how to optimize LinkedIn profile and get the most out of your LinkedIn profile and be included among the best LinkedIn profiles.

Most Important Keywords for LinkedIn Jobs, LinkedIn Careers, LinkedIn Recruiters– Optimize LinkedIn Profile

You need to look at your search for LinkedIn jobs and LinkedIn careers from the perspective of the LinkedIn recruiters and think about `what keywords they would use to source talent. Generally LinkedIn recruiters will search on titles, location and special capabilities like Healthcare Executive, Georgia, and Radiology.

Be careful about how you optimize your LinkedIn profile for LinkedIn jobs, LinkedIn careers, and LinkedIn recruiters. Be careful about optimizing for specific titles because they could vary between companies. For example, a Vice President in one company could be a Director in another and a Manager in a third, depending on size. For your optimized LinkedIn profile, it is much better to use more generic titles for positions, like Healthcare Executive. Look at LinkedIn job postings to identify the most important keywords for you.

Best LinkedIn Profiles Are Optimized LinkedIn Profiles with LinkedIn Keywords

Now that you know the LinkedIn keywords you want to emphasize, make sure you use them extensively in your LinkedIn profile.

There are certain parts of your profile that are most important for this and they are:

Your LinkedIn Headline

This is what shows just under your name in your LinkedIn Profile box and is one of the most important places to put your LinkedIn keywords.
If you do not enter anything here, your LinkedIn headline will default to the title of your most current position, so make sure you not only have the right LinkedIn keywords, but also a compelling message.

For example:
Sales Executive | Medical Sales Executive Consistently Top Ranked for Performance

Notice how we managed to get “Sales Executive” in there twice?

Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

Here you have 2,000 characters to describe you and your value proposition. In short, this is where you tell your story. Make sure you use your LinkedIn keywords a lot here.

For example:

As a Senior Sales Executive for Medtronic, I lead medical sales initiatives that demonstrate the competitive advantage of Medtronic products. Recognized as a top performing Medical Sales Executive, I have consistently ranked in the Top 5% of all Medical Sales Executives.

Note how Sales Executive and Medical Sales are used extensively in the LinkedIn profile summary.

Your Experience

There are 2 places to get keywords in here, the Title and the Description.

Sometimes your LinkedIn job title is just not something someone would search on, so if your actual title is Business, Technology And Resource Group Architect, then you might want to show your optimized LinkedIn title as:

Enterprise Software Architect | Business, Technology and Resource Group Architect

This way you can ensure that your LinkedIn keyword is there, even if you have a LinkedIn job title that is specific to your organization.

You also have 2,000 characters to describe your position so you can get your LinkedIn keywords in here too.

Advice for Contacting

This is an overlooked LinkedIn section that allows you to get more LinkedIn keywords in your LinkedIn profile, so do not ignore it.

Use these LinkedIn tips and your LinkedIn Who’s Viewed My Profile results will increase.

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