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Executive Resume Writing Guide for C Level Executives / C Level Positions

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Executive resume writing is an art – a delicate balance between business proposal, biography, and leadership profile in an executive resume format. C level executives and those that aspire to C level positions often struggle with this balance on their executive resume, whether on a CEO resume, Marketing Manager resume, executive manager, or other professional profile resume. Are you up to the challenge? It takes a commitment of time as well as a challenge to your writing skills to get that best executive resume that will land you your dream job. A majority of executives that I speak with either do not have the time or strong writing background needed to get the resume they want. That is why so many engage top executive resume writers for resume assistance. And it does make a difference.

Executive Resume Writing Basics for C Level Executives / C Level Positions

Executive resume writing is not much different than any other resume. However, there is an even greater need to focus on results – that is, not just saying what you did but quantifying it. Provide some evidence of the results you achieved. Statistics and percentages are always good.
This is where the advantage of using a top executive resume writer makes a difference. A top executive resume writer knows what questions to ask and can bring a fresh perspective to your executive experience, quantifying it a way you may have never considered. Bringing with them the experience of working with others with whom you may be competing, they know what should be on your resume. They will interview you to gather the information they need to create a great resume to compete with the other C level executives for C level positions.

Successful C Level Executives Will Invest in Themselves for Top Results

If you want the top executive jobs, the competition is fierce. Are you willing to invest in yourself to get there? Time and money will be needed to get you there.

  • Invest Time. You will need to invest your time to determine what results you have achieved in your career that would place you among other C level executives competing for C level positions. If you write your executive resume on your own, you will need to invest a lot more of your time to get the executive resume results you want. If you opt to “outsource” and engage a top executive resume writer, then you will need a little less time (at least for the writing and editing). The question is, how much time are you able to dedicate to executive resume writing to get the results you want? After doing an ROI analysis, a majority of executives opt to hire a top executive resume writer realizing it is truly worth the investment to hire a respected professional.
  • Invest Financially. Ok, so you dress the part of C level executives and you look like you belong in C level positions. Great clothes, shoes, and accessories create your executive manager appearance. These items aren’t cheap. It costs money to look good, even if you do it on a budget. It’s the same making yourself look good on an executive resume. You’ve got to dress the part. Again, most C level executives that I speak to, and I work with a lot of them, quickly realize the benefits of hiring a top executive resume writer to get them the results they need. You can expect to pay between anywhere from $500 to over $2000 for the top packages. Some writers will work with you if that is out of your budget, but you will need to do more of the work on your own. However, if you evaluate this cost against the expected salary of new C level positions, the cost is almost always worth it. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your future. It has been proven that top executive resume writers actually shorten your job search because they are able to bring out your qualifications in way you perhaps never considered and make your resume competitive with others in the your field because they know the market. You must consider this an investment in your future. Check current local tax codes with your tax advisor, but often these services can be deducted from your taxes.

Executive Resume Writing 101

After thoughtful consideration, if you still think you want to write your own executive resume, I understand. Let me point you to some content that may help guide you through the process:

I hope that you get the results you need. However, I urge you to quickly change plans if necessary. That is, if you quickly find that your executive resume is not getting you interviews or meetings for C level positions, reconsider hiring a top executive resume writer. Remember how many of your competitors are using these professionals to gain an edge over you. Don’t be afraid to quickly turn the playing field in your favor.

Top Executive Resume Writers

I work daily with many C level executives. I have also worked with resumes for over 20 years. I see both sides every day. As a trusted advisor to many C level executives who I have become friends with over the years, I thoroughly researched and reviewed many executive resume writers to develop this list of 2015 Top Executive Resume Writers. I regularly entrust these writers with the executive resumes of my close friends and top clients. I share this list with you to save you time identifying the list of 2015 top executive resume writers. There are many others, no doubt. But be careful if you choose a writer not on the top executive resume writers list because other writers often keep their costs low by outsourcing your resume to overseas writers and you probably will not like the results. Make sure you do your research or use the research I have already done for you by using this list of 2015 top executive resume writers.

Top Executive Resume Writers 2015

Top Executive Resume Writer

Years in Business


Social Media Help


Professional Resume Services

14 Years


LinkedIn Profiles


Great Resumes Fast

6+ Years


LinkedIn Profiles


Simply Great Resumes

2 Years


LinkedIn Profiles


Resume to Referral

15 Years


LinkedIn Profiles


Professional Resume Services. Erin Kennedy has built her company, Professional Resume Services, to focus on the specific needs of executives and aspiring executives. This company works primarily with executive resume writing and is recognized throughout the industry as a top choice for executives in all industries. The breadth of services and products offered demonstrates her years of experience successfully working with executives. Erin achieved international recognition following yearly nominations of the prestigious T.O.R.I. (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award. She is also one of only a few professionals worldwide to achieve the coveted “Certified Master Resume Writer” distinction. Erin is also a nationally published writer and contributor of 12 best-selling career books. She has earned her place at the top of this list of top executive resume writers and is highly recommended. See the full Erin Kennedy review (Professional Resume Services review) to learn more about why this was selected as a top choice.

Great Resumes Fast. Jessica Hernandez is the founder of Great Resumes Fast. As one of the top professional resume writing services, the company had an astounding 99.996% success rate securing interviews for its clients in 2013. They offer specialized packages for executive resume writing for different budgets and a long history of successful executive clients. Jessica pays special attention to her executive clients and ensures they get the personal attention they need. In fact, this company does not have any worksheets or questionnaires for you to complete, they work directly with you exclusively through personal interviews to collect the required information. They can also help you develop a great LinkedIn profile. Other services include resume analysis, resume distribution, cover letters, and thank you letters. Work is guaranteed.

Simply Great Resumes. Kerry Gustafson is the founder of Simply Great Resumes based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her company works with executives at all levels and gives them several hours of personal attention to help ensure the completed products meet the high requirements of these top level jobs. Like the others on this list, she has the resume writing experience, certifications, and business acumen that executives seek out. This is one of the newer sites on the list, but Kerry has been in this industry for over a decade and has the experience you are looking for in a top executive resume writer. They can also assist with extras including LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and thank you letters.

Resume to Referral. This site is the work of Teena Rose who started Resume to Referral back in 1999 in western Ohio near Dayton. The company has tremendous testimonials and customer satisfaction ratings, and consistently helps her executive clients land interviews and top jobs. She is one of the top endorsed resume writers on LinkedIn. It’s no wonder that Teena and her team of dedicated, experienced resume writers have landed on this list of top executive resume writers! Check out this site for a lot of great resume examples they share. You can also get a free resume critique and download several articles that could help your search.

Executive Resume Writing Proven Strategy

C level executives vying for top C level positions need to position themselves against the competition. As the economy improves and more C level executives and executive managers begin searching for jobs again, it will be more difficult to stand out from the crowd. A first scan of resumes may last a mere matter of seconds. That’s right, I said seconds. Your resume must be structured so both a human and computer can quickly identify key words and experience directly relevant to the position for which you are applying. Quickly. Otherwise, you may be out of luck and not advance to the next round of consideration. A top executive resume writer understands this and will ensure your resume quickly establishes your expertise and qualifications to those just scanning resumes.

When I review executive resumes for my clients, I spend no more than 20 seconds per executive resume on the first pass and compare it against requirements for C level executives and other C level positions. I quickly make three piles: interview, possibly interview, and not qualified. If you land in the not qualified pile, you are done. If you land on the possibly interview pile, you may get further consideration if and only if I did not find enough C level executives candidates for the interview pile. If I do need to review further, I will then pull the resume and go through it in detail trying to assess whether the person’s background is a good fit. Most applicants do not make this process easy for a reviewer. Every item on your resume should be relevant to the C level position requirements in some way. Make it clear and don’t make the reviewer figure it out. More often than not, they won’t. They will just move on to the next resume. Don’t expect me, as a reviewer, to connect the dots and put it all together for you, that is your job as an applicant who is trying to sell yourself to me. Check out some additional Resume Rewriting guidelines and Steps to Find a Career.

This is why a top executive resume writer can help turn your resume into your best executive resume ever. There are many stories of people getting interviews and hired off the first executive resume sent out as prepared by each of the top executive resume writers on this list. Others note how it shortened their job search because they started getting interviews for C level executives and C level positions right away. Sometimes you really need a well-trained pair of eyes and some writing assistance to get you to the next level and make things start to happen.

Executive LinkedIn Profile Writer

I highly recommend that you work with a professional to polish your LinkedIn Profile. These writers know what companies are seeking in C level executives for C level positions. If you do not have a LinkedIn Profile, you need one. More and more companies and recruiters are using this valuable social networking tool to find candidates for jobs that they may not even post or advertise. You need to identify yourself and your qualifications on LinkedIn and make yourself stand out. It is almost as important as your executive resume because of how many companies are using it to find candidates for their C level executives. You can also use it to build your own personal network of professional contacts and research companies in which you may be interested.

Use a Top Executive Resume Writer — Invest in Your Future C Level Executive Position

Once again, based on my research and reviews of executive resume writing professionals, I am providing you with this short, but proven list of executive resume writing professionals. Take a look and see which best fits your personality, need, and budget. For an executive resume, you can expect to spend anywhere between $500 to $2000 depending on your experience level and the package you select. Here are the top executive resume writer picks again:

They truly are the ones who will get you the C level executive job search results you need now.

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