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Better Job Search Success by Matching Your Resume to the Job Description

Posted on 25. Mar, 2015 by in resume

Finding job search success is not easy, especially in a down or recovering economy where there is increased competition for each position. In order to stand out, you’ve got to work harder to get an interview for each position for which you apply. This means that to improve success, the days of blindly sending out countless generic resumes are long gone. Generic resumes are, in fact, just that – generic. They may be interesting but certainly won’t make you stand out from a crowd of equally well qualified candidates in a crowded market. With such a competitive landscape of job seekers, you can’t afford to be sending out generic resumes.

Job Search Success Is Like Dating

I want you to take a second and put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. Perhaps you have already been in this role, perhaps not. But think for a second about what a hiring manager is trying to find in a resume. Who are the types of people that will be brought in for interviews? Who will make the cut and move to the next step in the hiring process and eventually achieve job search success?

Let’s compare the job search process to dating. It is similar in many ways in that it is all about learning about people, making impressions, and developing relationships at some level. So, imagine you are out at a club, party, grocery store or wherever you would go to meet new people, maybe it is even an online dating site or some other online group. The point is to make you think about how you decide who you’d like to talk to within a large group setting. Do you go by looks, dress, eye contact, dance moves, or for you online folks, profile similarities? This is the same process that hiring managers are going through with their group of applicants. So, if you want to make the cut, either in dating or in your job search, you need to put your best effort forward to appeal to the type of person or job you are trying to attract.

I am truly no dating expert. However, whether you are trying to meet men or women, the basic premise is the same. You need to do your best to gain interest from the other person, find common interests and backgrounds, and begin to deepen the relationship so that the desire is there to learn more. This premise is no different in finding job search success. This means that your resume (also known as your ‘dating’ or job search profile) needs to hit a common chord with the resume reviewer if you are to find job search success.

Match Your Resume to the Job Description

As was already stated, you need to speak a common language with the resume reviewer. This means using THEIR language, not yours. Different work places may refer to the same things in different ways. This is not trivial when job searching. While the most seasoned employees may understand the similarity of terms, do not make the mistake of assuming that the person reviewing your resume will know. Most first pass reviews on resumes are done by a computer or often human resources staff who may not understand the jargon of your trade or profession and may often work from a keyword review checklist.

This is why, if you want to have job search success, you need to tweak your resume to each specific job posting and tailor it to the company’s language and needs. The generic resume does not go quite as far as it used to, especially with today’s technology where you can make minor adjustments in just a few minutes. Your competitors are tailoring their resumes to each specific application, do you want to go up against that with a generic resume? It’s kind of like using tired old pickup lines to get a date, they rarely work. Make yourself interesting and improve your chances for job search success by clearly pointing out your strengths by customizing your resume for each application. Check out this previous post on five success factors for your resume.

A Few Extra Minutes Invested Before Submitting Each Resume Can Pay Off Huge

If you want to increase your job search success, you need to spend a few extra minutes tailoring your resume for each position to which you apply. Not huge changes, not a complete rewrite, but adjusting the terminology to match the job description’s language and reordering the most relevant items to make them stand out.

That sounds like work. Well, yeah, it does. And it is. Finding a job IS a job. I’m not the first to say that, but it is true, especially in a down job market where there is increased competition. However, if you want to improve your chances for job search success, it is now a necessary step.

A Professional Resume Writer Is Worth the Investment

Many job seekers are skilled writers and very savvy in the writing of a resume. But writing about yourself is difficult, trying to find a balance between qualifying yourself and sounding like you are bragging. That’s where a top resume writer can make a difference. Check out our list of top resume writers for this year. Costs range from $200-$600 typically depending on career level and services needed which are usually recovered easily by an increase in salary at a new job resulting from the resume. It is worth you consideration. Check out these top resume writers and reviews on them.

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