A Better Job Search

The internet has changed recruiting in many ways, and not all of them are good. It is very easy for you to send your resume now to many employers with very little effort. However, this leads to employers receiving many unqualified resumes so, in turn, they spend even less time with each resume. You need to make it clear quickly to a reviewer that you are qualified for their position.

A Better Approach

Spend more time applying to fewer jobs. The investment in time that you make should lead to more interviews. Why? Because you should tweak your resume as you apply for each job. Rewrite sections of your resume to focus on the most relevant areas for each position to which you apply. Reread your resume in light of each position you apply for and make the appropriate adjustments before you send it out. Tell them your story, but tell them why you are best for this specific position not some generic position at some generic company. It has been said that finding a job is a job, and this is even more true in a down economy where jobs are even harder to find. You have to stand out from the crowd.

Remember that whatever is on your resume should be relevant to the reviewer. If it is not, replace it with something that is.

Resume Posting

I don’t mean to imply that I am against posting your resume on job sites. In fact, I encourage it once you are certain that your resume contains no errors and you commit to the type of position you are seeking. However, I would not use this generic resume to respond to job postings on those job sites. The only purpose of posting your resume online is to catch the attention of recruiters and other human resources professionals who are actively searching the internet for candidates. I strongly discourage you from the practice of “resume blasting.” There are many internet-based services who will charge you to post your resume to many of the internet job sites and send your resume to their database of contacts. Sounds like a great time saver, but most of these charge a fee and their list of contacts is not always worth the money you will spend. I would encourage you to invest your time researching contacts on your own, and you will most likely get better results and save yourself some money.

In this modern era of impersonal texting and social media, I still believe that your best strategy is to identify a company where you want to work, research them, and contact the hiring manager directly. Many companies now allow you to post your resume directly into their candidate database and identify the type of job you are seeking. Make sure your qualifications on your resume match their requirements. If they do not, revise your resume before submitting it to them.

Job Search Sites

There are many job search and resume posting sites on the internet. Some are better than others, and many are targeted at a specific niche or group of job seekers. Take advantage of these sites, but do not limit your activities to these sites. I invite you to take a look at some of my favorite sites listed below:


  • Indeed

Clean Up Your Act

The internet and social media have added a new dimension to job searching. However, they have also made it easier for potential employers to gather information about job candidates and their character. So, I would strongly suggest you clean up your online profile when job searching. Start by typing your name into Google or another search engine and see what results come back. If there is anything negative, you should address it because a potential employer could see the same thing and move on to the next candidate. Also, you need to have a professional-sounding email address if you want to be taken seriously.

Keep Your Focus

Remember above all things that none of these potential employers owes you anything. It is your JOB to convince them that you have exactly the skills and experience they need and that they should hire YOU. It may take you a while. That is normal. But, you must stay POSITIVE and FOCUSED. Keep hope. The right match will come along. If time passes and you get no response, you may need to go back and remodel your resume further. Figure out what is missing or perhaps not worded correctly. Ask friends and family for advice. Make the necessary corrections and keep trying.

Additional Recommended Resources

Choose your resources wisely as some are more valuable than others. CheckĀ  out some of my favorite job search books in the Resume Remodeler Bookstore.