9 Benefits of Using a Top Resume Writer

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Everyone can write a resume. That is true. Anyone really can write a resume. Our very own ResumeRemodeler blog is filled with tips and tricks to help jobseekers at all experience levels craft a great resume without the help of a top resume writer.

However, understand that not everyone will create a resume of equal quality or effectiveness. Resume writing is a unique blend of writing, sales and marketing, effective organization, and research. It is a truly a craft that is mastered typically only by a top resume writer.

Consider a tax professional. There are many people who file their own taxes either on their own or with the help of special software. However, the more complicated their own financial situation, the more difficult it becomes for them to prepare their own taxes. It certainly can be done, but to save time and avoid making costly mistakes, it is often necessary to call in a tax professional for help. People rely on these tax professionals for their years of experience and their understanding of tax laws and ability to do the best job for them as a hired advisor.

A top resume writer can be thought of in the same manner. A top resume writer consistently delivers top quality resumes for their clients that help reduce job search time and land interviews for those highly competitive positions.

Job seekers consistently report success by using top resume writers to help fine tune their resumes and prepare for their job search. Check our ResumeRemodeler list of top resume writers. Read on to learn more about 9 benefits of using a top resume writer.

9 Benefits of Using a Top Resume Writer

  1. Shorter job searches. Surveys routinely show that job searchers that who use a top resume writer to assist in their job search typically experience shorter job searches overall. Why? Because their resumes are generally more professional and more focused based on the work of these top professional resume writers. In short, they are based on years of job search expertise that only a top resume writer can contribute.
  2. More interviews. Invitations for interviews are based almost exclusively from a review of your resume. So it should not surprise you that those with the best resumes would get the calls for interviews. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression – cliché, but true. Professional resume writers take great care to draw out your experience and present it clearly to resume reviewers. By leveraging the industry experience of these professionals in how to best present yourself, you gain an advantage over other applicants.
  3. Stand out from competition. Anyone can write a resume. And, I have seen some that totally prove that point. I have a hall of fame inside my head that remembers many of the worst resumes I have seen and wonders if the individual was surprised that they never got an interview call. Face it, you can’t be good at everything. It’s OK to call in the experts, whether for taxes, home repair, or your resume/job search. In fact, it’s often the better approach. Even our presidents and other leaders call in experts for their assistance and guidance. The point is that a top resume writer can really make you stand apart from the competition. It’s very easy to pick out those who need the most help because they do stand out, but for the wrong reasons. Stand out for the right reasons, and that means that you also need to not be like everyone else. A top resume writer will work with you to determine what is your “thing” – that “thing” that makes an employer want you at the top of their list – that “thing” that makes you more desirable than the other candidates. Finding that “thing” often takes someone other than yourself to point it out. Friends and relatives don’t do you any favors by being “nice,” you need someone to give you honest and objective job search advice and guidance.
  4. Interviews for highly competitive jobs/job market. The number of great jobs out there is small and the number of people who want those jobs is very large. So, it stands to reason that these jobs have the most applicants. I have reviewed resumes for positions that received a thousand resumes or more. Trust me, it takes a very long time to get through that many resumes and not much time is spent looking at each one which means that not every word is read – at least on initial review. For example, if you were applying for sales manager or customer service manager position, you should assume that most other applicants have a similar background to those required by that position.
  5. Greater focus of job search. This is where a professional resume writer will give you an edge and make you stand out. You see, a top professional resume writer does more than just write your resume, they work with you to identify what it is that makes you special and stand out. Then they make certain that it is reflected on your resume. That research alone will help focus your job search and give you great confidence by helping you see your personal path to job search success, which in turn, positions you better for those highly competitive jobs.
  6. Suggestions for improvement from a job search professional. To be a top resume writer, you have to write a lot of resumes (I mean A LOT of resumes!) and have a great success record helping job seekers at all levels. Top resume writers work every day in helping people overcome job search hurdles and know through their experience which approaches work and when. Job search advice from a top resume writer is worth working with one at least once. Or to put it another way, been there, seen that, done that. Yep, in a nutshell, this is their business and they know the best approach to guide you to success.
  7. Honest, professional objective review of resume. Do you ask others for advice on your resume or job search. Chances are you ask your closest friends or family members. You could be doing yourself a disservice if they are not giving you honest feedback. Remember how mom loved that popsicle stick craft you gave to her just because you made it, even though she never did figure out what it really was? Well, a top resume writer will give you honest feedback and work on your behalf to best position you for your dream job. This is their business, helping job seekers like yourself. Their job is to help you get a job and produce a great resume, not smile and tell you that you are pretty.
  8. Cost typically offset by salary increase. A top resume writer can typically produce a top quality resume for between$400 to $800 depending on your experience level. Salaries are based on a lot of different factors, but many experts say an average increase when changing jobs is between 5% to 8%. Doing the quick math, you would need an annual increase of between 1.3% and 2.7% to cover the $400 to $800 cost on a salary of $30,000. You have to look at the big picture and realize that you are hiring an job search expert and their expertise. This is how these top resume writers make a living and because they are top resume writers, you know they are good because a history of great reviews and satisfied customers are easy to find. Consider this an investment in yourself that will pay off in the future.
  9. Job search costs are typically tax deductible. Seriously. According to the IRS, you can deduct the amount that you spend to prepare and mail copies of your resume to prospective employers as long as you are looking for a new job in your current occupation. Who couldn’t use an extra deduction? I am a job search professional, not a tax advisor. Please check with a tax professional for tax advice.

Get Started Now

There really is no good reason to wait if you are in the job market. You need to conduct your job search with your best resume. If you are working with anything less, you could be wasting valuable time and opportunities. If you are not landing interviews within a month, you should revisit your resume because you are not making the first cut and your resume is not doing its job.

Take a look at our ResumeRemodeler list of top resume writers, or as we like to call them — best resume writers. These are true, proven professional resume writers. We have vetted all of these top resume writers and confidently recommend each of them. Hopefully our list and reviews will save you some time and help save you time in landing your next big job!

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