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Information technology resume writers can help any information technology professional get their resume into shape and make sure it presents all of their qualifications in the right way. It’s true that information technology jobs and computer jobs pose resume writing challenges to many information technology job seekers. Finding the right balance between presenting your technical skills and your accomplishments can be difficult. Even more importantly, many information technology professionals simply do not like writing or documentation tasks, and preparing their own information technology resume is no exception. Luckily, there are some top information technology resume writers who have proven that calling in the experts can truly get results.

There are many benefits to using a professional information technology resume writer. First of all, in this ultra-competitive job market, you need every edge you can get. A professional with years of experience and who makes their livelihood by preparing information technology resumes is like a turbo-charge boost to your search for information technology jobs or computer jobs, what many would call bringing in the experts. How great to have a professional on your side who can share with you what works and what doesn’t, and help you through some of the difficulties of presenting your information technology background and experience. They can show you how to deal with frequent job changes, unemployed periods, returning to the workforce, career transition, and other situations that could trip up your job search depending on you present them on your information technology resume.

Second, a fresh pair of eyes and insight can add new energy to your job search. Sometimes just by engaging a professional to work with you they can help to re-energize you and often help you gain a focus on what you are truly trying to find. They can then work with you to make adjustments and help you create the perfect information technology resume.

Third, you may excel as an information technology professional, but your writing skills may leave something to be desired. Professional resume writers are exactly that, professional writers who specialize in working with candidates like you to prepare resumes. Finding a great professional resume writer who also specializes in preparing information technology resumes means that they understand the technology and can coach you through how to best present your experience and skills to potential employers. You can expect them to interview and ask tough questions so that they can then take the answers and translate them onto your new resume to show potential employers how great you really are at what you do.

I have narrowed the list down for you so you can quickly connect with one of the 2014 Best Information Technology Resume Writers. All of these professionals have all been in business for years and have a successful track record helping job seekers of all levels find information technology jobs and information technology careers. Give your job search new life by consulting with one of these professionals who can get you back on track.

2014 Best Information Technology Resume Writers

Top Information Technology Resume Writer

Years in Business


Social Media Help


Great Resumes Fast

6+ Years


LinkedIn Profiles


Call to Career

21 Years


LinkedIn Profiles


Great Resumes Fast. This award-winning site rates highly among professional resume writing services and is highly regarded among IT professionals. They also will help you develop a great LinkedIn profile. Other services include resume analysis, resume distribution, cover letters, and thank you letters. Work is guaranteed.

Call to Career. What a great resource you have with Cheryl Palmer, a certified resume writer and career coach. With over 20 years experience, she understands the ins and outs of creating great resumes that work for IT professionals at all levels. This site also brings specialized experience developing IT resumes for federal government and executive jobs. As a career expert, she has been quoted in articles in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, MarketWatch, The Ladders, ExecuNet, and HotJobs. She has also been a guest on Fox Business News where she discussed how job seekers can use their alumni associations to assist them with their job searches, and she appeared on Maryland Public Television to discuss how job seekers can improve their resumes. Other services include LinkedIn profiles and career coaching.

Why Information Technology Professionals Also Need a Great LinkedIn Profile

If you are an professional, you must have a great LinkedIn profile. Potential employers and recruiters use LinkedIn every day to search for potential job candidates. How much easier is it to have someone find you than you find them? But for that to happen, your LinkedIn profile must be written similar to your resume, identifying your experience with specific technologies that are being searched. Using the right keywords is extremely important on a LinkedIn profile since potential employers and recruiters are searching on those words. You want your profile to be included in their search results, so it must be well written.

You might consider contacting one of the best information technology resume writers I mentioned above to assist you with your LinkedIn profile as well. It could be the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview. And if you do get an interview, most likely your profile will be reviewed by the potential employer before you arrive at the interview. It better match your resume. That’s why professional resume writers often prepare the resume and LinkedIn profile together. Take a look and see which best fits your personality, need, and budget. However, you can expect to spend anywhere between $150 to $400 for a complete resume and LinkedIn profile package depending on your experience level. Here are the top picks again:

Shorten Your Information Technology Job Search With a Great Information Technology Resume Writer

In this down economy, you need every edge you can get against your competition to create the best information technology resume. More candidates are applying for each open position than even just a few years ago. A first scan of information technology resumes may last a mere matter of seconds. That’s right, I said seconds. Is your information technology resume structured so both a human and computer can quickly identify key words and experience directly relevant to the position for which you are applying? If not, you may be out of luck and not advance to the next round of consideration. Great information technology resume writers can help you establish your expertise and qualifications quickly for those just scanning resumes.

I sort through piles of information technology resumes regularly. My first step is to spend no more than 20 seconds per resume and compare it against position requirements. I quickly make three piles: interview, possibly interview, and not qualified. If you land in the not qualified pile, you get no more consideration for the position. If you land on the possibly interview pile, you may get further consideration if and only if I did not find enough candidates for the interview pile. In this case, I will then pull the resume and go through it in detail trying to assess whether the person’s background is a good fit. Most applicants do not make this process easy for a reviewer. They tell the reviewer about what their responsibilities were and what they were supposed to do, but very few tell a reviewer what they actually did and the results they achieved. They also tell all about all sorts of work they did that is completely unrelated to the position for which they are applying. You need to make it all relevant in some way. In others words, why are you qualified for the job? Make it clear and don’t make the reviewer figure it out. More often than not, they won’t. They will just move on to the next resume. Don’t expect me to connect the dots and put it all together, that is your job as an applicant. Check out some additional Resume Rewriting guidelines and Steps to Find a Career.

This is how great information technology resume writers can help turn your resume into your best information technology resume ever. There are many stories of people getting interviews and hired off the first resume sent out as prepared by one of the top information technology resume writers on this list. Others note how it shortened their job search because they started getting interviews right away. Sometimes you really need a well-trained pair of eyes and some writing assistance to get you to the next level and make things start to happen.

Can I Use Your Information Technology Resume as a Sample Resume or Resume Example?

Wow, is my information technology resume really that good? Or, is it so bad that other could learn from it? Well, I sure hope your information technology resume falls into the first group and wows every reviewer whose desk it passes across. The writers on this list have sample resumes they can show you. Could yours be the next one? These speak like success stories for the writers. They are real-world examples of their work and results they achieved for others just like you. You need to pay attention to these information technology resume samples and information technology resume examples. This is how you can turn out your best IT resume ever.

I highly recommend that you work with a professional to polish your LinkedIn Profile. These writers know what recruiters and reviewers are seeking. If you do not have a LinkedIn Profile, you need one. More and more companies and recruiters are using this valuable social networking tool to find candidates for jobs that they may not even post or advertise. You need to identify yourself and your qualifications on LinkedIn and make yourself stand out. It is almost as important as your resume because of how many companies are using it to find candidates.

Take Steps to Your Best Information Technology Resume Today – Use Top Information Technology Resume Writers

So my top suggestions for 2014 include a short, but proven list of information technology resume writing professionals. Take a look and see which best fits your personality, need, and budget. Here are the top information technology resume writer picks one last time:

They truly are the ones who will get you the job search results you need now.

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