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If you have a job interview coming up and you want to be prepared, you can find the help you need in any of the top job interview guides. Everyone can benefit by researching answers to the most common interview questions. In order to ace your job interviews, you will want to review tips from industry professionals and those most familiar with current interviewing techniques. Any of the resources listed below in the 2013 Best Job Interview Helps can help to give the edge over your competition. Remember, the most qualified candidate or best resume does not always get the job. The job interview seals the deal.

All of the resources listed below are written by top industry professionals with years of experience helping job seekers at all levels. When you have that big interview scheduled, do yourself a favor and take some time to prepare the right way. Bring on a professional to teach you the right way to interview and answer your questions. Check out the guides listed below and see which might help you most.

Job Interview Guide




Ultimate Guide to Interview Answers Bob Firestone Yes Download
Pass The Job Interview Michael Kingston Yes Download
Carole Martin’s Instant Interview Coach  And  The Interview System Carole Martin No Download
Crystal Clear Interviews (for women)  and  “Irresistible Interviews: The Secret To Transform Yourself Into The Confident, Capable and Credible Job Seeker That Every Hiring Manager Is Desperately Looking For!” Adwoa M. Jones Yes Download
Killer Interview Secrets Robert Lawrence Yes Download
Sell Me This Pen! Plus, 55 Sales Interview Questions & Answers Jimmy Van No MP3 Download


Ultimate Guide to Interview Answers.  This guide has been around for a few years now, but is newly updated for 2013. Bob does a great job of walking you through 137 common interview questions and helps you understand what the interview is trying to uncover. He shares with you modern, trust-building, faith-generating, and totally persuasive job interview answers.  These are the techniques used by the top 2% of job interviewers to get hired.

Pass The Job Interview.  I like Michael’s down-to-earth style because it is easy to read and act upon. He provides tons of hints that will help you improve your confidence level in the interview. He also gives you the most common interview questions and answers so you are thoroughly prepared. This book gives you everything you need to know to ace your next job interview. He even shares with you the critical mistakes most job applicants make and tells you how to avoid them.

Carole Martin’s Instant Interview Coach and The Interview System. Carole Martin, also known as The Interview Coach, is an expert on the subject of interviewing. I recommend that you check out any of the books she has written on interviewing, which are all great resources and each has a little different style.  What’s more, she actually offers personal phone coaching and Skype coaching and will provide honest, straightforward feedback and encouragement. She will help you focus and find your ACE – that is the strength that makes you unique. In today’s tight job market, it is essential to be able to set yourself apart from the “pack” to beat out the competition. If you choose a coaching package, your coach will work with you to make sure that you are sending the “right” message about what you have to offer, and teach you how to tell your “stories,” as well as putting together a strategy to show the interviewer that you are the best person for the job and highlight what skills you have to offer.

Crystal Clear Interviews (for women) and “Irresistible Interviews: The Secret To Transform Yourself Into The Confident, Capable and Credible Job Seeker That Every Hiring Manager Is Desperately Looking For!”  Adwoa M. Jones is an author of several interview books, a highly acclaimed speaker, and a sought-after job interview coach. I like that fact that she focuses specifically on helping professional women through the interview process to get the job offer. She understands the limitations traditional job fairs place on job seekers who have to travel in person to hand over a hard copy resume to meet that crucial contact. She helps job seekers maximize their opportunities as well as plan you short sales pitch with her formula to tell “who you are, who you help and how you help them.” She helps you discover the exact blueprint to gain a massive competitive advantage and confidently answer any job interview question to prove you are the best person for the job. Learn the secret 3ME™ formula to deliver articulate, polished and memorable answers to any job interview question and stand out from your competition as the only candidate worth considering for the job.

Killer Interview Secrets. I like this resource from Robert Lawrence for its straightforward and easy-to-follow format. He brings his industry experience as a professional job recruiter for the past 10 years for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He provides an entire blueprint guide to the interview process and shows you how to use it as a tool to position yourself to get the job. He gives you proven interview strategies that work every single time part of his system. In the Killer Interview Secrets, Robert walks you through the most important interview questions. You can download the audio files to your computer and listen to them over and over before you go on your next interview.

 Sell Me This Pen! Plus, 55 Sales Interview Questions & Answers. This is an MP3 audiobook download and is a good resource if you are looking for a sales position. Jimmy Van will give you a competitive advantage over other candidates by coming to the interview armed with confidence. He teaches you how to answer 55 sales-specific  interview questions, plus know what to do when they ask you to, “sell me this pen.” You will gain insights from Jimmy’s over 20 years of experience in hiring and selecting sales reps as well as helping many prepare for their sales interview as a professional sales career coach and sales resume/interview expert.

A Great Job Interview Guide Can Act as a Coach to Help You Do Your Best

Now that you’ve got a job interview, you need to make sure you will stand out against the other candidates. Do you know how? Have you considered your answers to the most common interview questions? You need every edge you can get at this stage of the job application process. What you say and how you say it is critical to your success. Don’t risk doing or saying the wrong thing. Do your research and preparation before you get to the interview. You won’t get a second chance. That’s why a great resume guide can prove simply invaluable in your preparation.

I sit through interviews regularly. Some candidates are prepared and very impressive. Others struggle through the interview appearing awkward and not confident in their answers. Who is better qualified to talk about you than….YOU? But you absolutely to have to practice. Look, I get it. Most of us are taught to be humble and not to trumpet our successes. But if there was ever a time when you need to do this, it is in a job interview because this is what an interview is expecting to hear. Practice so you can hear yourself talking about…. Yourself.

Get Prepared Today – Use  a Top Rated Job Interview Guide

My suggestions for 2013 include a short list of proven resume guides that have all been used successfully by candidates to get the job. You need to be prepared to do your best at the interview. Take a look at these resources and see which is best suited to your style and budget. I know they will make a difference for you. Here are my top job interview guide  picks again:

Good luck at your job interview!


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